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Multilingual news is any two or more pages in the principle namespace containing text in a number of languages, with one of them being Russian.

All pages of the multilingual news are interlinked using respective language versions of {{In other languages}} template.

For example, multilingual news about the millionth article in Japanese Wikipedia consists of three pages:

For creating pages in respective language, type its desired title into the template below and press «Create an article/Создать статью». Once the post in one language is ready, go ahead and work on its equivalent in the other.

Feather.svg Яңылыҡ өҫтәргә

Мәҡәләләр һеҙҙең кеүек уҡыусылар тарафынан яҙыла!
Яңы мәҡәлә исемен ҡуйығыҙ һәм дөйөм күрһәтмәләргә таянып яңылыҡ яҙығыҙ.

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Feather.svg Сонун эбии

Манна барытын Эн курдук дьон суруйар!
Аатын суруй уонна сонуҥҥун ыйыыны-кэрдиини туһанаҥҥын кэпсээ.

Must-have for every news page:

  • News text of at least three paragraphs. Traditionally it's a sequence of lead (short summary) — details — background (supplemental clarifications).
  • Links to sources of information.
  • Thematic image chosen from Wikimedia Commons or specifically uploaded thereto.
  • Categories (2-3 principle ones via {{News on the topic}} template and any number in {{Categories}} template at page bottom).

Once the news is ready, it should be put up for review — to be checked by uninvolved editors. For this, follow instructions to replace {{Develop}} template at the top of the news page by {{Review}}. Independent editor will then review and publish the news. For more details about review, see policy on Checking articles.

After review and approval by the editor your news will be published at the Main Pages:

Feel free to ask help at the talk page of any active editor (see participant's last edit date at Contribution tab).

Attention! Wikinews only publishes posts about recent events. If the article is not completed or not put up for review, or is unchecked and not approved by an independent editor for whatever reason, it is deleted in one-two weeks time.