Wikipedian explained why Zelensky had won: различия между версиями

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# Age of Destroyer ([[:en:w:1315|1315]]—[[:en:w:1526|1526]]) — [[:en:w:Crisis of the Late Middle Ages|crisis of Late Middle Ages]], [[:d:Q1472236|Early Renaissance]];
# Age of Creator ([[:en:w:1496|1496]]—[[:en:w:1669|1669]]) — [[:en:w:High Renaissance|High Renaissance]] and [[:en:w:Northern Renaissance|Northern Renaissance]]. The time of activity of many symbolic figures of the world culture ([[:en:w:Leonardo da Vinci|Leonardo da Vinci]], [[:en:w:Michelangelo|Michelangelo]], [[:en:w:Raphael|Raphael]], [[:en:w:William Shakespeare|Shakespeare]]);
# Age of Ruler (499—168[[:en:w:499 BC|499]]—[[:en:w:168 BC|168 BC]], 1598—1789[[:en:w:1598|1598]]—[[:en:w:1789|1789]]) — period of making of large transcontinental empires (the state of Alexander the Great, the Roman Republic, the Han dynasty, the Maurya Empire, the British Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Qing dynasty), absolutism and classicism;
# Age of Magician (308—45[[:en:w:308 BC|308]]—[[:en:w:45 BC|45 BC]], 1775—1895[[:en:w:1775|1775]]—[[:en:w:1895|1895]]) — period of creation of the Hellenistic religion and astrology, animal magnetism and spiritualism, the revival of Hesychasm;
# Age of Sage ([[:en:w:141 BC|141 BC]][[:en:w:138|138 AD]], 1859—1991[[:en:w:1859|1859]]—[[:en:w:1991|1991]]) — Roman architectural revolution, creation of the Great Silk Road, invention of paper, modern technological revolution, the “welfare«welfare state”state», the modernity;
# Age of Jester ([[:en:w:65 BC|65 BC]][[:en:w:235|235 AD]], since [[:en:w:1967|1967]]) — apogee of gladiatorial battles in Ancient Rome, the richest athlete in the world history (Guy Appuleius Diocles), now – the postmodernity (the sexual revolution, gamification, rise of show business and economic bubbles).
[[Файл:Dmitry Koshelev in Moscow 04.jpg|thumb|left|300px|A lecture by Dmitry Koshelev.]]