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Friday, April 16, 2021

Eliseev mansion in Belogorka, drone photo by Niko Bulykin
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In March 2021 Wikimedia movement members from the User Group called North-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group (NWR-Hist) accomplished another Wiki Expedition foсused on photographing and collecting information for usage in Wikimedia projects. This time they went to the Gatchinsky District of Leningrad Oblast with the central point at the village called Lampovo. This village is a point of interest because of the original planning of the mid-19th century, and, most of all, because of dozens of historical rare-type wooden peasant houses, many of them in good state. It is considered that the village settlers, Orthodox Christian Old Believers, came from the Russian North and brought here their architectural style, unique for the region: it's hard to find such type of houses in the whole Leningrad Oblast. As well, the Wikimedians made several stops at other notable nearby locations, to make photographs for Wikimedia Commons.

9 people on 2 cars took part in the event, including head of Wikimedia RU (Russian Wikimedia "chapter") Vladimir Medeyko, NWR-Hist group creator Niko Bulykin, international Wikimedia activist Reda Kerbouche, two Erzya Language Wikimedia Usergroup members as well as other local and global Wikimedians. One of Niko Bulykin's goals was to continue producing aerial photos for Commons using a drone, because aerial photos are very useful for encyclopedic purposes (they are usually contain much details/information). But the weather conditions hindered the aerial photographing, so only a few decent aerial photographs were made. The overall look of the land is not very attractive during this season, but at summer and at early autumn wooden architecture details tend to be hardly visible at photographs being hidden behind trees and bushes.

Verevo, Pizhma, Suyda, Kobrinskoe, Kurovitsy

Belogorka and Druzhnaya Gorka

Lampovo, Druzhnoselye and Siverskiy

The complete set of the photos gathered you can see, as usual, at the Commons. Category:Wikimeetup in Gatchinsky District 2021-03-14. The general information on the NWR-Hist user group can be found at Meta-Wiki page North-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group (in 9 languages).



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