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Monday, January 13, 2020

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Russia's Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs (рус. Федеральное агентство по делам национальностей, ФАДН России / FAEA of Russia) once again recognized Bashkir Wikipedians with its «The Key Word» (рус. Ключевое слово) Award, invited Wikimedians to report on cooperation with the Republic of Tatarstan institutions during its «Language Policy: Practices from across Russia» (рус. Языковая политика: общероссийская экспертиза) Annual Dialogue Forum.


The Award in the «Special Merit» (рус. За особые заслуги) nomination in 2020 was given to informal leader of the Bashkir Wiki-community Rustam Gataullin (Рөстәм Нурыев), known, among many other things, as the author, organizer and the moderator of Rustam Nuryev's Online Wiki-School, inspiration behind Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group, «Wikimedia Languages of Russia» online community and one of the initiators of International Turkic Wiki-collaboration. In 2019 the same award in the «Best Social Initiative» (рус. Лучшая социальная инициатива) nomination went to «Wiki-Grannies» (рус. Вики-бабушки) project of Zaytuna Nigamatyanova (З. ӘЙЛЕ).


«Community initiatives for preservation and development of languages indigenous to Russia: new solutions and innovative regional projects» (рус. Общественные инициативы по сохранению и развитию языков народов России: новые решения и инновационные региональные проекты) section hearing had 2018 Wikimedian of the Year and a member of Tatarstan Commission for Tatar language Farhad Fatkullin speak about Tatar language part of Wiki-Smart Tatarstan, as well as invited FAEA of Russia and others creating content in the languages indigenous to Russia start using Creative Commons free licenses following the example of The Kremlin, The Government, Russian Federal Parliament and other institutions.

Importance of Wiki-community contribution was further supported by the researcher from Smaller Languages Study and Preservation Lab of Russian Academy of Sciences Linguistics Institute. Karina Mischenkova noted good dynamics of Veps and Livvi-Karelian, but predominantly bot-editing in Karelian Wikipedia that is still in the Wiki-incubator.

Language Policy: Practices from across Russia

«Language Policy: Practices from across Russia» Annual Dialogue Forum took place on Dec.18, 2020 in a mixed format — main point in Moscow was «Metropol» hotel used as a main broadcast and moderation site for the:

For more extensive screenshot-report from the event see Wikimedia Commons category.


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