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2019 Top Tatar Wikimedia Editors

Материал из Викиновостей, свободного источника новостей

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

This article mentions Wikimedia Foundation, one of  its projects or related people. Wikinews  is one of Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Statistic short lists of most active Tatar language Wikimedia projects editors for 2019 are now available courtesy of Wikimedia France developed and supported Wikiscan.org service.

Wikimedia projects family logo (2013).

In Wikipedia:

# Edit leaders Article creation leaders Edit volume leaders Kb Hours active leaders
1 Marat-avgust Marat-avgust Әмир Әмир
2 Әмир A.Khamidullin A.Khamidullin Marat-avgust
3 18mk Әмир Marat-avgust A.Khamidullin
4 Frhdkazan 18mk Frhdkazan 18mk
5 A.Khamidullin Damir 18mk Frhdkazan
6 Derslek E737 Derslek Derslek
7 E737 Гатина Дина Шайдуллина Айсылу E737
8 Рөстәм Нурыев Шайдуллина Айсылу E737 AqQoyriq
9 Ерней Шарафутдинова Рәзилә Ajdar Ерней
10 AqQoyriq Kitap Гатина Дина Üzgäreş

In Wiktionary:

# Edit leaders Article creation leaders Edit volume leaders Kb Hours active leaders
2 Фәрһад Фәрһад ВМНС Фәрһад
3 Świętokrzyskie3 Świętokrzyskie3 AqQoyriq Świętokrzyskie3
4 AqQoyriq E737 Świętokrzyskie3 1997kB
5 علاء Pathoschild Pathoschild
6 Рәмиләкәй StraussInTheHouse AqQoyriq
7 1997kB Killarnee Ameisenigel
8 Pathoschild علاء Stanglavine
9 Itti Itti علاء
10 MPF Stanglavine StraussInTheHouse

In Wikibooks:

# Edit leaders Article creation leaders Edit volume leaders Kb Hours active leaders
1 Frhdkazan Frhdkazan Frhdkazan Frhdkazan
2 WikiBayer WikiBayer 1997kB
3 1997kB Pathoschild Pathoschild
4 Itti Killarnee WikiBayer
5 Pathoschild Itti Ameisenigel
6 Stanglavine Stanglavine Stanglavine
7 Ameisenigel Ameisenigel Killarnee
8 Chongkian 1997kB DutchTina
9 Killarnee Тимерхан Chongkian
10 Krenair Chongkian Iluvatar

Leaders of Tatar content contribution into projects currently located in Wikimedia Incubator (Wikivoyage, Wikinews and Wikiquote), as well as those in multilingual spaces (Meta-Wiki, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, Wikimedia Russia-wiki or Multilingual Wikinews) can be discovered via Catanalysis-provided monthly stats.

Information on other language sections in the languages of Russia is available from tables, prepared by Wikimedia Russia volunteers.


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