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Add News

Articles are written by readers just like you!
Enter the news title and describe it, following general guidelines.

 You have news but no time to write a fullfledged post?
Share them as a one-liner.

Enter the title into the form and press «Create page».

This will take you into the editing environment with all necessary templates in place and instructions about how to fill them. You will only need to write text.

Your news will be saved once you press «Записать страницу» (Save Page). You can see how it looks like at any moment by pressing «Предварительный просмотр» (Preview). You can give up on creating a post or saving changes by simply closing the edited page.

Once the news has been saved, you can continue editing it through «Править» (Edit) tab as many times as necessary, until filing it for review, when it will be checked by an independent editor.

Be bold in editing and experimenting! All erroneous changes can be rolled back or deleted at any moment without damage.

Anyone, even an unregistered user, can create new posts or edit existing ones. But if you do register a username, you will contribute to Wikinews under the chosen alias.

Be objective and impartial, use neutral official business style, try to reflect all opinions, cite your sources.

Do not copy texts from other website, unless they are compatible with Wikinews license.

Watch a training video: Как создать статью в Викиновостях (How to create a Wikinews article).

The project has Special pages for your convenience. If you are not experienced in using wiki, feel free to practice in a dedicated Sandbox page. See also wiki-markup cheatsheet, general recommendations on creating news posts and recommendations on creating multilingual news.

Should you have trouble figuring it out, ask your questions at the Forum.

Be bold in improving this page and offer changes at its talk page.